Our daughters don’t need us to FIX them. They need us to LISTEN. How I accidentally became the mom my daughters need…

Help Your Tween Daughter Share Her Anxious Thoughts

Can you and your daughter relate to this? At age 11, I was terrified my mother had alzheimer’s. I worried constantly that my father would die of a heart attack. And I obsessed about my 5th grade teacher discovering that I misplaced a class library book. Your tween...

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What I Told My Girls About Bullying and Child Suicide

  OUR KIDS ARE KILLING THEMSELVES AND IT'S NOT OK. Last night I called a family meeting on our cozy gray couch. My two girls (ages 11 & 9) turned off their devices and sat down next to one another.  They watched Justin and me expectantly with their beautiful, innocent...

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Retro Parenting: 10 Simple Ways to Show Love to a Child

For close to a decade, we've had the same bedtime routines with our daughters. Night after night we snuggle in and whisper the familiar songs and prayers. One of the songs I still sing to my youngest is Hush, Little Anna - more commonly known as Hush, Little Baby....

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Laura loves speaking to moms, especially mothers of tween & teens girls, about becoming the mothers our daughters need.


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