A 6 Week Class Taught by Laura Fleetwood from Seeking The Still.

Fearless isn’t a one-time decision. It’s a path you walk. 

6 Week Class

WHERE: Messiah Lutheran Church (Hwy 94 & O’Fallon Rd)
                 5911 South Hwy 94
                 St. Charles, MO 63304

WHEN: Thursdays from 7-8:15pm

STARTS: Thursday, April 20

FEE: $30 (includes materials, weekly follow-up from Laura & weekly gifts).

CLASS SIZE: 25 Women. The class will close after the first 25 women register.


Laura Fleetwood is a woman on a mission to free women from the chains of fear and anxiety. This class, Footpath to Fearless will lead you, one step at a time, onto a path designed to help you grasp onto the hand of Jesus and walk with him into His true peace.

Stephanie Haynes

Author of Cultivating Peace: Receiving God’s Peace within Your Chaos, Stephanie Haynes Consulting

Class Content

The Gospel

Story of Scripture and How to Study It in a Personal Way

Praising Jesus for Who He Is and What He's Done

Trusting in God's Promises, Not Our Own Abilities

Talking and Listening to Jesus

Living Our Your Unique Purpose as a Daughter of God


Surrendering your life to the Lord,  is just step ONE in overcoming fear and anxiety.  But…what’s next?  Being the director of Fearless Women, I hear on a constant basIs…”What do I do next, to overcome fear and anxiety”? I am beyond thrilled to be offering Footpath To Fearless, taught by Laura Fleetwood.  She is a down to earth, humble, and talented women that is able to take the word of God and make it relatable, current and easy to understand in our crazy, hectic and stressful lives. This class will help you understand who Jesus is and the power He has given you to walk out a Fearless life!  Don’t miss this class, it will change your life!

Christy Boulware

Director, Fearless Women


I'm so excited you want to join me!

Registration Opens Tuesday, February 21 at 7pm

The maximum capacity for this class is 25 women. Registration will close when full.