A mind that is busy, a body that is weary, and a soul that is striving. A human being cannot live this way forever. Something will eventually break.

7 Encouraging Things Christians with Anxiety Need to Know

Whether you believe in God or not, anxiety is still a beast. It consumes minds and bodies of kids and adults like never before. One third of all absences from work are due to anxiety and stress, and we know that relationships and long-term health also suffer. Anxiety...

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When Every Day Is Picture Day

Today was picture day at my girls' school. The hovering cloud of tension was visible from the moment I pulled into the school parking lot. Moms frantically brushed hair with their child hanging halfway out the car door. Parents raced to the office to pick-up the...

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A Perfect Storm

I woke up this morning.  What an obvious statement.  "Of course, you woke up this morning," one might say.  But for a long time, I didn't wake up in the morning because I never went to sleep. It was March 2014 and my life was hectic.  I was working 30 hours a week as...

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Laura loves speaking to women & girls about anxiety & burnout. It doesn’t have to be your story.


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