Well, the chaos I just wrote about is soon to be stepped up a notch! A week ago, I found out that I’m pregnant with baby #2. Audrey broke the news to Justin. When he got home from work, she was wearing a white onesie with the words “Big Sister” written in magic marker. He didn’t catch on immediately, but with a little prompting from me it finally hit home!

Even though it’s been a week, I still don’t think the reality has really hit me, yet. Audrey will be 28 months old when the baby is born. Am I ready to handle a two-year-old and a newborn? Only one way to tell…

My most immediate concern is whether or not the 24-hour-a-day puke-my-guts-out-for-the-first-2-months sickness will rear it’s ugly face again. So far, so good, but it’s still early. Everyone says each pregnancy is completely different, so I’m holding out hope. We told our parents this weekend at all of the respective Easter celebrations. Needless to say, the grandparents and aunties are overjoyed. Judging from the outpouring of Easter presents Audrey received, there’s plenty more love and spoiling to be showered on another little one!

Audrey is going to be a wonderful big sister. Justin is already a wonderful dad. I can’t wait to see the plans God has in store for our growing family!