What Happens When a Carefully Crafted Life Crumbles?

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You Are Not Alone

This space is for those on edge. Not enough. Stressed. Anxious. Fearful. Striving. There is a better way! Join me on a daily quest to Be Still and Know that He is God. – Psalm 46:10

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In the midst of life’s chaos, we forget the way of the still. These 7 words are reminders to begin again They are my gift to you. Download the 7 Secrets.

I’m glad you are here. Come as you are. It’s the only way to begin.

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When Every Day Is Picture Day

Today was picture day at my girls’ school. The hovering cloud of tension was visible from the moment I pulled into the school parking lot. Moms frantically brushed hair with their child hanging halfway out the car door. Parents raced to the office to pick-up the...
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Daily Doses of Seeking The Still

TRUTH #11: I WAS THE LAST TO KNOW The heart of burnout is denial. Looking back, I know people in my life realized I was not well. Some were actually brave enough to say it. Here’s glimpse of what they saw...I was working, always working. No time for chit chat or...
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A Masterpiece In Plain Sight

By most Thursday nights, I’m emotionally and physically tapped.  Thus it is pizza dinner night at the Fleetwood abode. Justin slightly adjusts his well-worn commute to stop by Little Ceaser’s for dinner in a box. Afterward, you’ll find me lounging on...
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